Monday, 24 September 2012

Next Spring!

Well, almost a year has come and gone!

I have my new llama. He's called Josh and he's 4. He and Cochise get along very well.

Josh is the tall, dark & handsome one! But now I have to start training all over again.


I've finished 'Revolt'  Ta-da!

My mother and my daughter helped with the cutting off, and it is laid out on the big work table ready for finishing.

Now I have to finish the warp ends ready for hemming:-

Then hem it all, top & bottom, and add a mounting for hanging.
I like to use a wrapped timber mount which sits a little below the top edge, which is then hung from picture hooks on the wall. (Can't stand the velcro method.)

I have also started drawing ideas for my next tapestry, but not yet finalised. The other loom has been set up and ready to go for a while.

It has a warp of seine twine (no. 9) set at 8 epi. 18 inches wide and 14.5 meters long.
Yes, I know this is very long, but it was an old warp someone gave me years ago, I can't even remember who. It was all tangled with no cross and cut ends. 
I spent several days during the holidays sorting it and freeing up a meter at a time, then winding it on. I created a cross near the beginning and worked it all the way through.
So, now I'm set up for multiple tapestries without having to prepare more warp.
I could do some small, side by side ones, or some longer ones woven sideways, whatever I feel like!

I'd better get back to the drawing board.