Sunday, 16 October 2011


I've had a bad winter.
I don't usually get sick, but I got laryngitis, and it hung around for 3 months!!
It's hard to teach without a voice.

Then, as I was recovering, one of my Llamas got sick.
I thought he had injured his leg, and would be OK with some rest,
but it ended up being a mineral deficiency. By the time I called up the breeder to ask her advice, it was too late, as it turned out. So, after nursing him for 5 weeks, he passed away last Monday.

Now I only have one llama, and they don't like being on their own, so I am about to buy another.

This is Cochise, my surviving llama.

This is Wildfire, who died.

As it turns out, the new boy is one I had seen and liked a couple of years ago.
When I phoned this breeder, I was told they had sold all their available llamas, but then I got a call back later that evening to say that there was one of their own llamas they would be willing to part with.
The photo they sent was this same one I had liked earlier. I couldn't believe my luck.
So now I just have to get him here.

There is so much grass and weeds that need cleaning up around the garden (jungle), and I need to dig the vegie garden (more weeds). 

The other day, while I was sitting at the computer, I turned the chair around to look out the window, and there was one of the blue wrens just outside in a little tree. I got out my camera and put it on zoom, propped it by the window frame and took a picture:

Not bad, huh, for just out the window!

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  1. So sad about your llama. I hope the new one does better. How do they go in hot weather? I have seen a few around on farms but don't know much about them. Do you shear them yourself?