Sunday, 1 March 2015

Moving along

A while ago I started weaving a tapestry of two rosellas.

Before I finished, I had two rosellas!

These baby eastern rosellas were rescued from the ground below a large gum tree in a backyard in Sunbury. The Indian Myna birds had killed the rest of the babies but these two survived. They were very young, eyes still shut. So now they're cheeky little things up to all sorts of mischief. They ended up in the outside aviary.

Here are some photos of the tapestry, dimensions: 6" x 8".  (These are crimson rosellas)

Still on the loom

Rosella 2
Rosella 1

I have to admit this made me wonder about the power of manifestation!

There have been a number of other issues which have kept me from my looms over the past year, but hopefully I am now able to be a weaver once again.

I am working with some mercerised cotton on my large floor loom, and my next tapestry is almost ready to start weaving.

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